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Check this out:

Click on any food listing and find out whether it is beneficial, neutral, or avoid for your type. Also tells you why it is good or bad, gives nutrient content of the food, and recipes!

D'Adamo's so rad...

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    Ok that's very cool but can someone translate this for me?
    "Flocculates serum or precipitates serum proteins."
    Also would someone mind explaining what the difference is between a secreter and a non secreter?
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      Mon, October 4, 2004 - 9:27 AM

      I think that line refers to the action of lectins. A big part of blood type theory is that foods contain lectins or "sticky" proteins. Certain lectins are not recognized as food by each blood type. If you eat an avoid with lectins, it will stick to the proteins in your blood serum and cause them to precipitate (come out of solution) or flocculate, which means the same thing as agglutinate (form into clumps). This causes problems in the tissues of the body.

      A secretor is somebody who secretes their blood antigens and antibodies to their skin, intestines, and through their salivary glands in the mouth, etc. Nonsecretors only have their antigens in their blood. Nonsecretors have a more challenged immune system because they do not have this first line of defense in their skin and digestive tract. Nonsecretors tend to be able to digest more meat and protein, and because their immune system is weaker they get sick more often, so adherance to the BTD becomes more important. Most people are secretors. There is a home test you can order from NAP. You send them some of your saliva and they give you the test results online.


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